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Steroids are anabolic and androgenic drugs that are used in various sports to improve the physical abilities of athletes, as a rule, the main goal of taking medications is to build muscle, increase strength and endurance.
A wide range of sports pharmacology allows you to choose for each athlete the necessary drugs, which can be in tablets or injections (oral or injectable form).
In addition to the main goal – muscle growth, in bodybuilding steroids are used for fat burning (drying) during the preparation for competitions, and for weightlifting they are necessary to increase strength indicators, for fighters – to increase endurance and strength.


What are anabolics for?

Steroids expand the horizons of your body, they will allow:
– increase the speed of recovery after physical exertion;
– effectively gain muscle mass;
– stimulate a fat burning effect;
– reduce cortisol levels;
– strengthen bones by increasing their thickness, restore ligaments and joints in case of injuries;
– increase libido and potency;
– increase appetite;
– increase self-esteem and self-confidence.


How to build muscle

To obtain the desired effect, buying pharmacology will not be enough, the approach should be comprehensive:
– properly constructed training process;
– a properly designed cycle, with its full administration, optimally selected dosages and duration of administration;
– the right diet.
The use of steroids greatly facilitates the set of muscle mass in a short time. The effectiveness of the cycle will depend on the selected anabolic steroids, the duration of use, competently drawn up PCT. An optimally designed training program will stimulate muscle growth throughout the cycle of steroids.


How to use

For more than half a century, anabolics have been used in sports. Today, there are a large number of working schemes for taking steroids. By purchasing medicines from us you can buy a ready-made cycle compiled by a professional or choose the necessary number of tablets (blisters), ampoules or vials yourself.

The effect of steroids on the body
It should be understood that you are acquiring medications that have indications for use and the corresponding side effects.
Medications affect the hormonal background of a person and the anabolic effect of use can be observed after 2-4 weeks.
Side effects from the action of anabolic steroids have long been studied and effective methods of control have been developed using auxiliary drugs. In rare cases, side effects may occur due to individual intolerance to a particular drug. Most often, users encounter side effects from illiterate use of steroid drugs.

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